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A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of trying pottery for the very first time.  Myself and a few other ladies were invited to Inspirations Studio to learn more about this beautiful craft.

Inspirations Studio is a project of Sistering, an organization that provides food, employment assistance and income support for homeless and marginalized women in Toronto.  The studio aims to teach these women pottery and business skills in order to provide them with supplementary income and preparation for employment.


inspirations studio

Since it was my first time, I made sure to watch our instructors Judith and Theresa very carefully.  I was a little intimidated to say the least.  They made it look so easy!

inspirations studio

1. that’s me!  2. Brittany  3. Jordana  4. Renee in the back and Shannon painting the heart.


My pieces looked like this before it went into the kiln.  I used lace material to create a delicate pattern on the clay.

And here’s a few photos of the finished product.  Not too bad for my first try!  I love the irregularities in each piece.  I opted for something not white since that usually is my go-to.  I wanted a dark and moody mixture of brown and navy for the pots and a green glaze for the bowls:


inspirations studio, loveonsunday

pottery toronto, inspirations studio

inspirations studio

toronto pottery class, inspiration studio

inspirations studio

I just LOVE each and every piece.  I keep them on my nightstand to hold fresh lavender and jewelry.

If you’re interested in trying pottery, Inspirations Studio provides workshops starting in the fall.  You can check it out here.  Also, if you’re looking for unique and thoughtful gifts, they have a showroom you can visit as well.  I think it’s important to support social enterprises in your area, especially those that connect with you in some way.  Because I love working with my hands and am trying to make a conscious effort to shop locally, I truly appreciate the artistry that goes into these pieces and how they are made right here in Toronto.

Thank you to the Inspirations Studio team for having me. xo



I Quit My Job.

interior styling toronto

That’s right, I did it.  I am finally a full-time entrepreneur.  I say “finally” because it’s something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now.  As someone who’s worked a steady job since I was 16, venturing off into a world of uncertainty was a scary thought for me.  The thought of not having a pay check every 2 weeks was terrifying to say the least especially now that we’ve moved from a condo into a new house (stay tuned for that post).

loveonsunday interior styling

I had a good job, working as a full-time graphic designer for a large Canadian brand but something kept tugging at me.  It started as a whisper which I ignored, and then it just got louder as each day passed.  Soon I felt like someone was throwing a brick at me screaming, “you’re on the wrong path, stupid”.  It would consume my thoughts morning and night.  I’ve always been very self-aware and observant of the things that happen in my life and it just so happened that opportunities would present themselves every time I was closer to making my decision.  Opportunities that I’ve always wanted and just couldn’t pass up.  Oprah says, “there’s no such thing as luck.  There’s only preparation meeting the moment of opportunity”.  I believe this 100%.  I wasn’t ready a year ago but I worked hard, sacrificed and hustled…and now I’m exactly where I need to be.  Now is my moment of opportunity.

loveonsunday working as a freelance designer

After working over a decade on and off with freelance clients of my own, I knew I could sustain a somewhat steady income and be much happier because I would be able to create the life I’ve always wanted.  Working for a growing company can be rewarding but also challenging at the same time.  On the upside, you get to be part of something amazing that touches the lives of thousands.  On the downside, you may have to give up a lot of your own free time in order to meet the needs of the business.  I soon felt that I was giving up too much of my life, especially for something that I couldn’t see myself doing for the long haul.  It just wasn’t right for me anymore.  My heart and gut was telling me it’s time to go.  The life I wanted included being my own type of creative person and still being able to enjoy my home, family and friends.

loveonsunday interior styling toronto

So here I am, writing on my couch on a Tuesday morning.  I’m a little under the weather, surrounded by a mound of kleenex and blankets but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There’s something liberating, scary and exciting about creating something that is truly your own.  Only I can determine how much money I make and whether I get a raise at the end of the year.  I’m ecstatic and thankful that I have the opportunity to take this risk during this time in my life.  It’s going to be a long and hard road ahead but I accept the challenge.  I’m now comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It also helps that I have the most supportive hubby in the world.  I wouldn’t have been able to leave a steady full-time job if it weren’t for his belief and trust in me and of course his steady income.  He’s always been my #1 supporter which makes things a lot less scary and a lot more exciting :)

interior styling toronto

So things are going to look a little different around here.  I’m in the process of consolidating my portfolio and blog so some changes will have to be made to Love On Sunday.  Right now, my business will be focusing on interior styling and graphic design and I definitely want my site to reflect that.  I hope you’ll stick around for what’s to come!

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Bookcase Makeover On A Budget

bookcase makeover

Do you ever buy a piece of furniture for your home, stare at it every day and then wonder, “why did I do that?”.  Well, I did this for months after I brought this beat up bookcase into my home.  What I loved about it was: the size (it fits perfectly in my small hallway), the shelves which provide additional storage and the clean lines of the piece.  But no matter how I styled it, it just wasn’t working for me:

bookcase makeover, loveonsunday

Not sure why it took me so long to paint it.  I guess I couldn’t settle on a colour I could live with…so very Libra of me.  It takes me forever to make a decision!

After a quick trip to Home Depot I realized the only colours I wished to use were in the wall paint section. I took the leap and bought 2 samples of Behr Marquee in Frosted Silver.  The best part: total cost was $8! (sample cans!)

The result was incredible. Not only did it cover the bookcase evenly, the paint was flawless after it settled with barely any prep. And I have to add, this is not a sponsored post, I am simply a fan of the product because it worked so well!

bookcase makeover, loveonsunday

The bookcase has a laminate top and brown legs which we left unpainted.  I love how the lighter colour takes up less visual space and complements the items so nicely.

Have you worked on any Spring project or DIY’s lately?


Design Sponge Home Tour

loveonsunday designsponge

Today is one of those “pinch me, I’m dreaming” days.  Design*Sponge has always been one of my go-to’s for design inspiration and today my home is featured on their site.  What?!

It took me several years to turn our cookie-cutter condo into a home and it’s great to have these photos to remind us of the transformation and love that went into styling our space.  I wanted to take an approach that wasn’t overly decorated or fit into a specific style.  Because I love many styles!  I simply wanted to be surrounded by the things we love most.

loveonsunday designsponge sneek peek

It’s a little bittersweet actually because as this post goes up, we are listing our condo.  We’ve decided to sell and hopefully find a bigger space that includes some outdoor space and an extra bedroom.  But more on that later.

Head on over to Design*Sponge to see the full tour of my home!

A huge thank you to Design*Sponge, Grace Bonney and contributor Sabrina Smelko for including me on your site.  It’s truly an honour!

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